What is a Health Coach?

So you keep hearing all this stuff about Health and Wellness and Mindfulness, and it sounds like it could really be beneficial for you. You start trying to find new ways to incorporate healthy foods in your diet but with so much information out there it’s hard to know what is real and what isn’t. Is that pretty picture on Pintrest that’s telling you to eat more Chia seeds really valid? How about all the kale excitement? Sounds like a great idea but how do you actually get your family to eat it? Whats up with Meditation and Journaling and how do you start? What’s gluten free, and should you try it?

This is where a Health Coach can help! I’m not here to cure your diseases and tell you what to eat. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach I focus on what you want and need in order to reach your health goals. If you want to revamp your daily routine to incorporate more exercise, find healthy options for supper, or just get to the bottom of why you don’t feel your best, a Health Coach can help. We are the guide and support system along side of you, as you take a new journey and incorporate new decisions in your life.

Whats the difference between a Health Coach, Nutritionist, and a Dietitian?

There are so many options anymore!! Depending on what your needs are you many need a combination of these fields in the long.

Health Coaches combine food, nutrition, lifestyle, and habits around a your needs or desires. This is client focused, aimed to get results to last a life time! We don’t diagnose, or treat symptoms, but we assess a you as a whole person, from a holistic point of view, with more than one factor impacting you and your results. We also help set goals and talk about things that are non-food focused, like your career, spirituality, relationships, and other lifestyle factors that come into play. Our ultimate goal is to get you to a point where your able to make your own conscious health decisions that benefit you long term.

Dietitians and Nutritionists prescribe a certain dietary style for the client to follow. There are highly trained in specific areas of health and nutrition like the science and chemistry of nutrients, disease states, and micro nutrients. You see them quite often collaborating with doctors offices and other health care facilities. If your training for marathons or the Olympics these are the people you need! The recommendations are mainly nutrition centered and there to treat imbalances or concerns, as well as being super specific in type, grams, stress levels, body composition, activity level… You get what I mean.

Health Coaching is in all reality a new concept. You can get Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Counselors, or Dietitians and Nutritionists and they all have an important and specific role to play! But at the the end of the day, a Health Coach combines every factor of your life, then we figure out how to get you to your goals.

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