GMO’s and Globalization

Globalization is defined as extending to other or all parts of the world, the development of worldwide integration. Developing countries are considered as having a standard of living or level of industrial production below what’s possible with financial or technical aid; a country that is not yet highly industrialized. (Dictionary, 2019) This essays purpose is to identify and describe the effects of when these two worlds are forced to come together through technological expanses in food and agriculture. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) are scientifically altered organisms that do not occur naturally in nature. This has created a new range of diversity amongst the food industry that is seen as having positive and negative effects on a global scale, bringing up controversies as to whether this technology is safe to use. Contained there are discussions from GMO producers, and advocates, as well as scientists, activists, and studies to promote and demote the use of this technology. First described are the definitions, history and beginnings of genetic modification, along with some of the concerns to chemical use with this technology. Then evaluated, are summaries of interviews with several scientists promoting the use of GMO’s in developing countries, while limited to several of them being GMO company employees. After, the oppositional stance opinions are given, along with the outcomes of public concerns and the impacts it is having on some communities, before finally exploring some of the newest GM technology hitting the market.

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