About Me

You are not alone.

“We can’t find anything wrong.” “Your numbers all look good.” “Nothing is showing up.”

I had just spent several hours in the ER after 10 days of stomach pains. Being physically sick, unable to eat and sleep, as well as unable to work at a time when my focus and work-ability was crucial, took its toll. They sent me home with bottles of pills that (deep down) I knew wouldn’t help, nor fix, the core problem. It’s frustrating, expensive, and nerve wracking not having answers! After going through products promising eternal focus and energy, just to have them cost me hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars with limited results that never really fixed my problems, it’s safe to say I get it! I fought with hereditary depression, and battled unknown food allergies for 5 years before coming up with answers leading me to enrolled on an adventure of healing, health, knowledge, and lifestyle changes that worked with and for me!

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I am here to help YOU reach YOUR goals and listen to what you have to say about your needs. I am trained in over 100 dietary theories, the importance of Bio-individuality with daily choices, as well as how secondary and primary food nourish us on and off the plate. This is a program tailored to you and your lifestyle, meaning, no more trying to conform to diets, workouts, and calorie restriction! Great news right?!

Not on top of your game? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Struggling to get through the day on cup after cup of coffee? Tired of hearing “I don’t know” from your doctors? Are you ready to make a change? Could a Health Coach be just what you need?