A Lesson on Rest and Acceptance

Are you sick or just tired?

I woke up today after a terrible nights sleep from stiff “study” muscles (as I’ve begun to deem my shoulder and neck aches), overly hot body temps, an the loving discomforts of the gift of the month. I normally don’t have any issues with my period at all but today was an absolute write off. I was not well, and after complaining about the fact that my planned productive day was going to go down the drain, I finally had a little chat with myself about the fact that I was home anyway, and I’ve still got a few more days before deadlines, and it was gonna be fine… It took me about 2 hours for me to really believe it. You see, the last few weeks have been leading up to exams, and I’ve been 100% GO for all of it. Sleep lost, stress inhibited, self-care majorly neglected (who needs to eat 3 meals a day anyway, right?) and it finally caught up to me 4 days before exams, during my most sensitive time (perfect timing, huh). You see our bodies are not dumb, and to them stress is still stress. My hormones don’t give two hoots about what I had planned, they live in the present moment. So this morning I CHOOSE to listen to my bodily needs, and REST!!! It took a solid hour on my yoga mat to really get my head to follow the heart and ACCEPT the fact that this is a day of recovery, but once my intuition kicked in, I was cat-cowing, puppy posture, and bridge posing away. It helped, a lot. We all know it will, and we all know our fleshly temples can’t keep up with worldly demands. Yet for some reason we keep fighting them. I’m not one to quit on a project, and I damn for sure don’t give up easily, which is why today was not easy for me to accept the fact that I needed a break, and it was okay to not be okay. Thanks life, for this lesson on grace, acceptance, and giving me the chance to be present and rest.

Sweet Beet Soup: Your monthly pick me up!! I was never the biggest fan of beets, but lately they have been a lifesaver for my iron deficient self. Here’s the link to my recipe to keep you going and give you that warm, toasty comfort food that you need.

Wanna check out some of my go-to’s for when life makes me crazy?? Check out my Essential Oils website to get your hands on what I use!

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