Economics and the Food System -USA

Have we accidentally created an unhealthy and dependent culture through government intervention in the economy and food system? This is an insanely controversial topic and might hit some of you the wrong way. My intention in posting this is not to point fingers and play the blame game, but rather to give stated facts and let you look into them for yourself. I also understand that all governmental systems are not this way and in certain cases and locations my recommendations and approach will not be ethical or valid. Consider all the statistics given and please comment on what you think. I am open to all opinions objecting or agreed.

This paper is going to examine some of the largest impactors of human health and wellbeing that are funded and managed by the United States government today explaining my opinion on the state of economic intervention. After looking through types of economies and their governing differences, we will then observe the actions of large-scale government intervention through the federal budgets spending habits on Medical care, Social Security, and other forms of public aid showing the concerns of where we are today. Examining the influence of the Department of Agriculture on the food production systems we will understand how short-term benefits and recommendations can spiral into long-term, expensive dependencies among a nations people. Through this, we will show how governmental aid and care initiatives in the United States government changed the impacts on human health and the health of the country’s economy. This will bring to light some of the repercussion’s that government influence has implemented amongst production methods today in agriculture, before finally giving my thoughts on the current state of government intervention and the economy today.

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