Change Management

An essay I wrote last semester on the change initiatives of the USDA Food Guide pyramid. A lot of technical information, but also a lot of good information. Enjoy!

There are few certainties in life like change, summed up from one of my former employers with, ‘the only things certain in life are change, death and taxes.’ I want to discuss some of the biggest factors in change management, with my view of strategic change, resistance factors I have seen in the agricultural profession, and explore the brilliance of Kurt Lewin’s model of change and how we can apply it to not only business change but every day changes as well. Lastly there is a look at the change initiatives from the United States Department of Agriculture and Health and Human services and the controversial recommendations they implemented upon the public throughout the years. While there were limitations within the scope of this essay, in the form of my access to information and knowledge at hand, time constrictions, and essay criteria, the meaning and purpose behind it has been conveyed to the best of my abilities.

black and white blackboard business chalkboard

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