That Bit about Monsanto and Bayer

This is a combination of 2 separate college works, over 2 different years, where I was analysing product marketing in one, and an analysis of how a company goes international in another. It started with looking for information on how a company with such a bad reputation can continue to market its products. Upon further investigation I discovered some incredible facts, figures, and uncovered a lot of information about the current status of the company. If you want some good background information on Monsanto, Bayer, and the merger that shocked the company, this is the place for you.

Attached also is a presentation on the Bayer-Monsanto merger that gives you a visual representation of what went down, and in reality is still going down. One thing I noticed when I was doing these projects is the amount of information available and the rate at which it changes on the Bayer website. What you see here, you may not be able to find again! And this made for gruelling research.


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