Improving Food and Agriculture Sustainably

It is impossible to be interested in food without having an interest in agriculture, and for me, the passion is fuelled by an interest in both. To challenge one without knowledge of the other is often futile, and in today’s world the correct knowledge is hard to find. Often times agriculture is used as a target for pushing green and vegetable rich diets (of which I support), but the information only looks at one aspect. Yes, mono-culture cropping is highly detrimental to the environment, but the reports often fail to look at alternatives, and the benefits that properly managed agriculture can have on the environment, food production methods, and the state of ecology in the world as a collective.

This is a subject I hope to delve deeper into and provide more information on since I have practical knowledge in both fields. But for now I feel the need to get the word out about the resources and scientific knowledge available, and I’ve had several interests in my work since I finished this essay for college.

This assignment looks into some of the benefits of what agriculture can have on the environment, as well as what I hope is a future for regenerative practices, to be supported by our celebrities, and politicians, especially those in the green parties. I encourage everyone to take a look and download this! I have several excellent resources listed in the article for backing information including works of Alan Savory, Stan Parson, and the collective research of all involved with Ranching For Profit and other regenerative educations.

Thank You to those who keep pushing, pursuing, and educating about the benefits of Agriculture. The world does truly depend on you.

black cattle beside trees and houses

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