Foraging for the Wild Things

In light of current events it’s looking more and more like my childhood dreams of survival and apocalyptic adventures could actually come true. Sadly I’m not 12 anymore, so the reality is far more scary than that, but the part of me that wants to be that age again is enjoying practising my wild foraging skills.

I’ve been doing some research and watched a few of Sergi Boutenko’s video’s for inspiration amongst several knowledgeable Facebook groups. One thing I’ve been extremely cautious about is trying to find locations that are low traffic for foraging. With so many people outside more than normal it’s hard to know where to go to avoid the traffic, but at this point the “off road” walking trails are fairly well paved. At the end of the day, common sense reigns supreme, and when in doubt, leave it out.

Which brings me to share with you my favorite video thus far. With a FMTV/Gaia membership you have the privileged to share certain video’s through posted links. It is a great way to spread the right information and gives me great resources for you to check out. You can sign up HERE if you are interested in it for yourself.

This Video is Sergi Boutenko’s Common Weeds and Wild Edibles Around the World. It’s a great intro to wild foraging and gives descriptors of some of my favorites like Lamb Quarters, which I grew up harvesting and eating with the family every spring. Just click the link posted below and it takes you straight to the shared video!


unrecognizable toddler picking flowers in green garden

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