Meat Packers, Globalization, and Food System Corruption

What does economics, technology, business, and politics have to do with food you may ask?


As if 2020 wasn’t eye opening enough, the state of the packing plants and seriousness of the failures in the food system should make us all reconsider how we shop, who we purchase from, as well as our own countries exports and imports. This bit from a college assignment goes into some of the most recent findings and happenings of the meat processing industry that exposes the amount of power companies can have over their economic and political influence. While we often think of large brand name technology companies as having the biggest impact on shaping our world today, it is often the forgotten powerhouses and unknown companies that make daily life possible.

This is my opinion on some of the issues that arose, as well as the history of JBS and TYSON foods with a plethora of citations for you to delve into that cover more of the story. The key thing to remember here is that developing globalization and population growth were, in my opinion, the main driving force in food company growth at the time. I also firmly believe that everything has a season, and that while large packing plants are most likely going to be a part of our world for a long time to come, the age of regenerative agriculture, small farm holding, and “cutting out the middle man” is the future of food production.

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black and white dairy cow s head

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