2021 Resolution Reset!

Ready to take back your Power?

Group closes on February 15th!!

(Subject to date changes)

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You are a unique and amazing individual with more power and energy within you than you could possibly know! That’s why I developed the Resolution Reset Facebook Group to help you define and reach your goals! This is a FREE 10-week accountability group with expert opinions, workouts, documentaries, stories to inspire and motivate you, as well as give you products and tools to help you along the way!

This program is going to follow the Transcendence Master Class Series (trailer below), a 2-Season mini series with 5 episodes each, with a printable workbook for you to follow and work through. (Season 2 trailer found HERE) From there we will have guest coaches and speakers sharing their stories of transformation, change, and tips and tricks to help you reach your health goals and take 2021 by the horns!

Whether it’s to improve your mental and physical health, gain energy, work on your financial goals, reduce the toxicity load within your household, or simply find some new recipe ideas to feed your family, there is a friend and a coach in this group ready to talk to you and aid you along the way.

“Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick.”

― Hippocrates

Group Schedule:

Week 1- What’s in our Food

  • Netflix Recommendation: Kiss the Ground

Week 2- Overcoming Fear and Stress

Week 3- Beyond Belief

Week 4– Whose Goals are we Chasing?

Week 5– The Art of Fulfilment

Season 2:

Week 6 – Domestication to Transformation

Week 7– Recovering Your True Self

Week 8 – Emotional Healing and Trauma

Week 9 – Herbs and Medicine

Week 10 – Discovering Your Gifts

Ready to hit Reset?

Not sure if this program has what you need?

Drop a question in the comments:

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